Advantages of Home Health Care

Home health care is an effective and lower cost alternative to institutional care that affords many patients the opportunity to recover in the privacy, convenience, and comfort of their own home. Data indicates that patients recover more quickly and more fully at home when not subject to life-threatening infections and other complications that occur in the hospital.

Home health care decreases re-hospitalization and trips to the emergency room. Patients recovering at home seem to decrease chances because they are motivated in the privacy and comfort of home. the security of their own home brings familiar sights and sounds, which leads to better outcomes and shorter recovery time.

The cost of home health care is less than hospital care and is covered 100% by Medicare when eligibility requirements are met. Medicaid and commercial insurance policies also cover Home Health Benefits but may have a copay for services.

When you refer Virginia Health Home Care for your patient’s home health care needs, you can relax knowing that Virginia Health Home staff will respond quickly once the referral is made. When permitted, we will provide on-site coordination of care and will always communicate with you and your patient throughout the process to ensure that your patients receive the care you prescribe and in the manner you order. When you choose to refer home health, ask for Virginia Health Home Care professionals.

  • Home care services are the most cost effective alternative to institutional care. Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance providers cover services with little or no out of pocket expense to the patient.
  • Studies indicate that people recover quicker and maximize the healing process with the comfort and security of their home.
  • Recovering at home from illness or surgery with home care services can decrease emergency room visits and reoccurrences of hospital admissions.
  • Home care offers a large range of services tailored to assist with individuals and family’s’ needs in order to achieve optimal level of function and recovery.
  • Home care allows patient/family members to be active participants in care planning process with clinicians.
  • Home care reinforces education to patients and family members about diagnoses, disease processes, and other health related conditions, notifying the availability of support services to make the care giving process an easier transition. Medical social worker can be notified for need of additional community based services.
  • A nurse on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week