Assessment of Employees

Our staff at Virginia Health Home Care consists of highly trained and licensed professionals who live in the communities we serve. Our healthcare professionals meet and exceed the highest competency standards in the industry. All of candidates complete a rigorous stage assessment, including:

  • Complete Background Evaluation: Verifies references and conduct Criminal Background.
  • Competency Evaluation: Verifies that the applicant has proper education, certifications and work experience.
  • Orientation Competency Evaluation: Tests determine applicant’s knowledge of key competencies.


All of the staff at Virginia Health Home Care are thoroughly screened and evaluated routinely for their knowledge and expertise. Since so many of our employees have advanced credentials in various specialties, they place a strong emphasis on patient and family teaching to maximize the potential for independence. Our agency works hard to maintain a reputation for excellence and to provide the highest quality care available, therefore, Virginia Health Home Care supports our staff in ongoing continuing education programs.

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Skilled Nursing

Registered nurses provide a broad range of nursing services based on a thorough comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health care needs and development of an individualized care plan, support and education. The nurses provide compassionate skilled care and rehabilitation support in the privacy and comfort of patient’s home. The best place to receive skilled nursing services is the place you feel most comfortable and at ease, home.

RN/LPN services can include but are not limited to:

RN available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your health concerns and needs
Provides direct care to patients in the comfort of their home
Establishes and maintains a professional relationship with the patient’s Primary Care
Physician and specialty care Doctor. This allows for an affective coordination of care where the health and well-being are the top priorities.
Provide case management, which supports patient and families concerns and identifies needs that can be unrecognized outside the home environment.
Evaluate patient’s health, identifying early signs of potential health risks allowing for quick management to prevent hospitalization.
Draw blood work in the home and preventing the need for added trips to laboratories and possible exposure to community linked infections such as influenza.
Medication management
Suture removal
Catheter Insertion and maintenance
Administering and teaching IV Infusions, medications injections, tube feedings, and wound care.
Implement physician’s plan of care per their order in an efficient and professional manner.
Teach patients and family members about medications and health diagnoses to increase their knowledge and confidence, i.e. diabetes, COPD, etc.


Licensed Practical Nurses assist with same duties as RN, but care is supervised by RN.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist evaluates and provides skilled physical therapy to patients with a wide variety of diagnoses and disabilities to guide through recovery in a home environment in accordance with a physician’s order, taking into account the individual’s special needs.

Physical Therapy helps with:

Regain muscle strength and functional mobility
Improve range of motion
Improve balance
Prosthetic Training
Home safety Evaluation
Pain management
Transfer training
Neuro-motor rehabilitation

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist perform therapeutic exercises and instruct activities to increase Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as meal preparation, toileting and grooming.

Occupational therapist also assist with:

Cognitive issues re-education
Energy and endurance problems
Home safety evaluation
Upper body rehab
Pain Management
Adaptive equipment training
Hand therapy

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Speech Therapy

Speech/ Language Pathologists provide treatments to improve speech, swallowing, communication and memory problem solving skills.

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Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Workers provide assistance to the home care staff and patient. The medical social worker will assess and evaluate the needs of the patient or caregiver for additional community based resources and services.

Tasks would include:

Assessment of social and emotional factors to patient’s illness
Need for care/ response to treatment and adjustment to care
Assessment of relationship of the medical and nursing requirements to home situation, financial resources, and what community resources are available
Provide appropriate action plan for services to be obtained thru community resources
Senior Services – meals on wheels, transportation, etc.

Medical social workers provide services to you and your family when you may be facing life changes or challenges due to illness, injury or caregiving responsibilities. Other services may include help with obtaining community services, assistance with long range planning and decision making and short term counseling.

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants are provided a plan of care to follow from either the registered nurse, physical therapist or occupational therapist to assist the patient with bathing and grooming, toileting, simple tasks to aide patient such as changing bed linens or cleaning up bathroom after patient’s shower or bath.

Home health aide may perform the following duties per Medicare guidelines:

Personal Care includes:

Hair care
Nail care
Assistance with ambulation
Changing position in bed
Assistance with transfers
Oral hygiene
Changing bed linens of an incontinent patient
Deodorant applications
Skin care with lotions and/or powder
Foot care
Ear care
Assistance with elimination (enemas, catheter care, routine colostomy care)
Simple dressing changes that do not require the skills of a nurse
Assistance with medications that are ordinarily self-administered and do not require the skills of a licensed nurse to be provided safely and may include:
Handing the bottle to the beneficiary
Opening the bottle
Handing the beneficiary water or other liquid to take the medication
Reminding the patient to take prescribed medication.
Assistance with activities that are directly supportive of skilled therapy but do not require skills of a therapist to safely and effectively performed. Examples: routine maintenance exercises and repetitive speech routines to support speech therapy.


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